In many respects, the word comfort is positioned as custom-made service. Consumers want to move freely to the most comfortable position without being limited.

The medical industry has revolutionized the development of customized technologies and electric linear actuators. From lifting chairs, medical hangers to electric beds.

Traditionally, ergonomic furniture is adjusted through a hand-held handle or an imprecise air pressure system. Although it can finally achieve ergonomic setting.

Many industrial applications require large-scale automation equipment that can support heavy loads, especially in agriculture, construction, mining, ventilation, and program control industries.

Single Motor Desk

Intelligent Sit
to Stand Desk

If you are a desk based worker, a standing desk can integrate more movement and burn calories every day.

◎ ? Work healthy
◎ ? ?Lose weight
◎ ? ?more energy
◎ ? ?Brainpower boosted

Dual Motor Desk

height desk

Stand up with an electric height desk will elevate your mood and energy while helping to keep your body active and healthy.


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